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**BONUS: you get access to 4 private Q&A livestreams and support in my private community by joining my first cohort.**

Learn the Real Finance Skills to Run Startups, Like...

  • ​Financial modeling for eComm, SaaS & Marketplace startups
  • ​How to measure the key drivers of growth and profitability
  • ​Growth tactics & monetization strategies
  • ​How to dissect the performance of your marketing funnel
  • ​How to fundraise and what to expect by round
  • Exits: advantages & disadvantages of different options

What if You Could Take My 8 Years of Experience Working in Startups - and Learn Them in 8 Weeks?

That’s why I created this course!

In university and also when I started working, I didn't understand how money-losing startups could be so “valuable”, what metrics they ran on, the complex monetization strategies of tech businesses, and why VCs pumped billions into them.

I was so frustrated.

So I spent years and years working at startups, talking with VCs, and Googling & Youtubing things when I couldn’t find anyone to explain them to me.

Nowadays, I advise startups on their finance & growth strategies. I’ve helped many different startups navigate all types of fundraising and growth, and so far two of them have been acquired for a combined $600MM!
"Can You Guarantee I’ll Know What I’m Doing After I Take Your Course?"
What I do really isn’t rocket science, it is just that there aren’t that many experts in finance for startups.

The reason is that it is a very specialized skill set that is evolving rapidly.

So I spent months documenting every concept and technical skill I've developed as an Outsourced CFO, and put it all into this course. 

It's kind of like a startup MBA, but shorter.
If I had to tell you one thing about learning finance skills, it would be this: START NOW…

In the United States just in 2021, startup funding will top $250 billion, and exits have already surpassed $600 billion. 

These are the highest numbers on record with no signs of slowing down. Why?

Because startups are systematically disrupting every legacy business that exists, as well as creating completely new industries and economies.

Tech is just getting started, and you need to be ready for the wave of innovation and liquidity that’s coming for us. It's already happening.
So Who Is This Course For?
  • You Are a Founder of a Startup Trying to Scale Your Business, Fundraise, and Build Financial Models.
  • You Are a Financial Professional Wanting to Break Into the Startup World.
  • You Are a Student and Want to Dive Into the Exploding and Lucrative Tech Ecosystem.
  • You Are a VC or PE Investor Looking to Get a Deeper Understanding of the Financial Dynamics of Startups.
  • You Are Trying to Develop a Technical Finance Background.
  • You Have Zero Experience - I Included a Bonus Module in the Beginning That Covers Finance 101 to Get You Caught Up.
  • You Have Some Experience - CFOs Hire Me to Build Their Models, and I Teach This Entire Skillset From A-Z.
You will benefit from this content no matter where you are with your finance background. 

What Will You Get Out of This Course?
You will learn the financial modeling skills & strategies to run finance for startups. These are things I’ve learned and continue to learn over my career, and now I can help you apply them to yourself. 

We will meet bi-monthly for Q&A over an 8 week period (a total of 4 livestreams) as you work through the course material.

You will also get lifetime access to a private community hosted on my platform where I'll be answering questions about the course, and where we can have other finance discussions.

I'll also be adding content to the course over time based on feedback from students as well as new things that I learn. You will have permanent access to the entire evolving program.

If you put 100% into the course, I genuinely believe that this program has the potential to completely transform your career. 

What Topics Are Included in the Course?

Module #1
Finance 101
  • Bonus Module to Get Everyone up to Speed
  • Intro to the Income Statement, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Statement
  • Walkthrough of a Full 3 Statement Financial Model
  • Step-by-Step Discussion of Fundamental Accounting Concepts
  • My Breakdown of How the Financial Statements Flow and Interconnect
...Now That You’ve Got the Basics Down, Let’s Talk About Strategy....
Module #2
The Underlying Drivers of All Businesses
  • My Framework to Understand the Growth & Profit Potential of a Startup
  • How to Think About Marketing Performance
  • Managing Customer Retention & Predicting Recurring Revenue
  • How and When It Makes Sense to Burn Cash
  • Ways to Calculate Breakeven Timing for Customer LTV
  • Managing Breakeven Strategically (As a Business)
  • How to Fund Your Growth 
...Then I’ll Show You How to Measure Your Marketing Performance and Set Targets...
Module #3
Digital Marketing Performance
  • What Is the Marketing Funnel and How Does Impact Your Business
  • How to Set Expectations for Top, Middle & Bottom of the Marketing Funnel
  • Variations of CAC & Which Ones Matter Most
  • Understanding the Composition & Drivers of Your Sales
  • How to Set Marketing Marketing Budgets & Targets
...Now That You Understand Strategy and Measuring Performance, I’ll Show You How to Incorporate All of These Concepts Into Financial Models...
Module #4
Financial Modeling for eCommerce Businesses
  • How to Set Up a Multi-Product eCommerce Financial Model
  • My Trick for Building Accurate Financial Models
  • Predicting Orders & Revenue Based on CAC
  • Models to Calculate Recurring Customers for eCommerce 
  • How to Build a Full Venture-Quality Financial Model, With Cash Burn Rates & Runway
  • Calculate the Most Important eComm KPIs & Metric That VCs Need to See
  • Bonus: An Ecommerce Case Study in the Crypto Space (Additional Full Financial Model Build From A-Z)
....Then You’ll Learn All About SaaS - The Industry, All the Monetization Strategies, and How to Build Financial Models for Every Type of SaaS Business...
Module #5
Financial Modeling for SaaS Businesses
  • Intro, History and Discussion of the SaaS Industry
  • Explanation of the Top 5 Most Common Pricing & Monetization Models for SaaS 
  • Step-By-Step Tutorial on How to Model Customer Orders and Retention for 3 Separate SaaS Businesses (We Build 3 Separate Models Each With Its Own Lecture)
  • The Most Accurate Way to Forecast Recurring Revenue for SaaS 
  • How to Model and Calculate Customer Acquisition Costs for Different Types of SaaS Businesses
  • Breakdown of Typical COGS & Operating Expenses for Software Businesses
  • Modeling the Full Income Statement & Deferred Revenue
  • A Straightforward Way to Model Out the Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Burn Rates & Predict Fundraising Needs
  • How to Calculate the Exact KPIs That SaaS Venture Investors Want to Understand
  • Bonus: A SaaS Case Study for A Content Business (Additional Full Financial Model Build From A-Z)
...And Next You’ll Learn About the Most Dominant Business Model in the World, Marketplaces...
Module #6
Financial Modeling for Marketplaces
  • Intro & Discussion of the Marketplace Business Model
  • Explanation Supply & Demand Dynamics of Marketplaces, and What Makes the Winners Win
  • The Strategies Employed to Scale Two-Sided Marketplaces (With Examples)
  • 4 Different Monetization Possibilities of Marketplaces
  • How to Build an Acquisition Model (We Model 4 Different Acquisition Strategies) For Buyers & Sellers in a Two-Sided Marketplace
  • Using Cohort Tables to Forecast Buyer & Seller Stickiness (And Churn) In a Marketplace
  • How to Build an Advertising Business on Top of Your Marketplace 
  • Build the Full Marketplace Financial Model - Integrating Everything
  • Predicting Burn Rates and Fundraising Needs
  • Breaking Down the KPIs & Metrics VCs Use to Evaluate Marketplaces
  • Bonus: A Marketplace Case Study for an Influencer Marketing Startup (Additional Full Financial Model Build From A-Z)
...Then We Learn About Some Technical Skills That Will Help You With Your Day-To-Day Operational Finance Work...
Module #7
Budgeting Processes & Updating Models
  • How to Build and Distribute Expense and Payroll Budget Templates to Internal Teams 
  • Process to Integrate Budgets Into Your Financial Models
  • Modeling Methods You Can Use to Update Your Forecasts With Historical Actuals
  • Tracking Your Progress - Measuring Budget vs. Actual Performance Using Variance Analysis
...And Finally We Do a Deep Dive on the Entire World of Fundraising, All the Way From Pre-seed to IPO...
Module #8
Fundraising - What to Expect
  • Intro to the Elements of Fundraising the We Need to Understand
  • Step-By-Step Walkthrough of VC Fundraising Rounds From Pre-seed to Late Stage and What to Expect in Each Round
  • We Learn About: Investors, Dilution, Valuations, Terminology & What to Look Out For
  • What Types of Investment Vehicles Are Used at Which Stages, and How to Navigate Term Sheets
  • The Structure of Venture Debt & When It Makes Sense
  • The Rapidly Evolving Ecosystem of Venture Capital
  • How Valuations Really Work in VC by Company Stage (This Might Surprise You)
  • The Business and Math of Venture Capital as a Game of Outliers With Portfolio Case Study
  • Alternative Fundraising Sources for Startups (Outside Of Venture Capital)
  • Breakdown of the 7 Main Types of Startup Exits (And When Each One Makes Sense)
You're right - it's a lot. 

This curriculum is completely different from anything you'd see in a university or in other online programs. 

I was reluctant to build this program because I knew how difficult it would be to distill everything. 

And it was hard. I spent over 200 hours building this course, trying to document every technical skill and framework we use to build all different types of startups. 

It is extremely wide-ranging - moving through finance, marketing, case studies, discussions, technical skills, and more. 

Once you get through this program, you will be able to dive straight into the startup ecosystem. 

But it gets even better than that...

If You Join My First Cohort of Students, I’m Including More Than Just the Course....
If you know anything about me (from Youtube or offline), you know that I always try to overdeliver.

I love to see other people be successful.

So not only will you receive the course videos, but there is more

Here is the entire list of everything you will get in this program.... 

Everything You'll Receive If You Enroll Today
  • Lectures: 45 Video Lectures Totaling Over 20 Hours (Value: $5,000, Based on My Consulting Rates)
  • Community: Lifetime Access to Private Community With All Alumni Where I Answer Your Questions (Value: $99)
  • Coaching: 4 Bi-monthly Livestream Q&A Sessions Over the Course of 8 Weeks (Value: $250)
  • Excel Training Courses: Both of My Excel Training Courses (70+ Lectures) Included 100% Free (Value: $50, Over 4,000 Alumni)
  • Venture-Quality Financial Models: 6 Financial Models + Entire Course Curriculum in Excel (Value: $5,000, I Charge $3-5k per Custom Model as a Consultant)
  • Lifetime Access: Enrolling Today Guarantees You Lifetime Access to This Program at Today’s Price (Prices Will Rise)

Total Value: $10,399

Why Should I Enroll Now?
I'm opening up the course to only around 100 students at the initial $497 price point, and from the size of the waitlist it looks like the course will sell out. 

When I re-open the course to new students a few months from now, I plan on raising the price and I'm not sure I'll include the livestreams or Excel courses. 

I also plan on being more hands on and working with students more 1-1 in this first cohort to learn more about the curriculum. So if you enroll sometime in the future you may miss this opportunity.

Enrolling today locks in all of these benefits. 

So if you want to get in, you'll need to act fast. 

Between the Youtube subscribers and email list, I have an audience of 42,000 people but only can accept 100 students. 

I'm Ready, Let's Do This

So if you are ready to start, you can join my Finance for Startups course for a one time payment of $497.

Or if you would like to pay in monthly installments, you can pay in 6 monthly installments of $89.

Here's What Happens After That
As soon as you enter your credit card details and make the payment for Finance for Startups, you will get access to 100% of the course materials immediately. 

In addition, you'll receive an email with my recommendation on how quickly to move through the course (a suggested schedule), as well as the dates & times for the Q&A livestreams. 

You will also receive instant access to my two bestselling Excel courses (with over 4,000 alumni) completely for free, through my platform. 

Finally, you will receive an invite to our private community (hosted on my platform) where you can introduce yourself to fellow students (if you'd like), and begin asking questions about the course or start related discussions.

Frequently Asked Questions
❓ When does the course start and finish?

The course starts immediately and you get access to 100% of the materials as soon as you've made your payment. It is a self-paced online course, but I will give you a recommended schedule to follow to help you with pacing.

❓ How long will I have access for? 

You will have lifetime access to this course across all your devices. 

❓ When will the course re-open again?

I don't have any official date yet, but the course will re-open for enrollment of new students again sometime in 2022.

❓ When will the price increase?

Pricing for this course will increase regularly as I add new content. This is likely the lowest the price will ever be.

Act Now
 ⚠️ Pricing will go up over time as this curriculum grows. Enrolling today guarantees you lifetime access to this program at today's price.
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